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The information on this website is protected. Except as specifically permitted (and by the suppliers themselves), absolutely no section (or parts) of this website may be reproduced or distributed by any means/form. 


Any trademarks [including applicable service marks, product names, trade names, logos and company names] included in this website [or potentially found on other sites] are the property of their respective owners.

Use of website information:

All notations and articles on this site may be printed, copied and viewed only subject to the following terms & conditions:
The document in question may be used solely for informational, personal or non-commercial purposes.
Any copy of the document or even a portion thereof must incorporate all copyright and applicable proprietary acknowledgement's. 

Documents may not be altered in any way. All other uses is only authorized with the consent of written permission byTitan Lighting Canada.

External links to Titan Lighting Canada:

Please feel free to supply a link to Titan Lighting Canada's home page. Please refrain from linking to any internal pages - internal article links may alter as content is modified and maintained [upgrades can cause this too]. 

Also abiding by the following conditions is necessary:

a) Content must not be reproduced, with the exception of written permission.
b) Titan Lighting Canada mustn't be opened inside another web site, nor frame or the like.
c) Also the linking website must not contain offensive, illegal, or adult oriented content.
d) Furthermore the linking website must not state or imply that Titan Lighting Canada endorses or sponsors the linking website in question without direct written permission.


Warranties and Disclaimers:

All material on the Titan Lighting Canada website is provided as it stands - without any warranty and/or warranties of any kind. Titan Lighting extends no warranties of any kind, expressive or implied, regarding the accuracy or dependability of any information on this website, this includes but is not limited to latent warranties of merchant mechanics for a particular purpose, title and non-infringement usages. Titan Lighting Canada reserves the right to change or delete information, documentation and products from the website at any time, without notifying customers or visitors. In no instance will Titan Lighting Canada be liable for any damages whether indirect, incidental, exclusive or consequential stemming out of the use of this website.


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